Oohoo from Timaru


Wow, we never imagined Timaru could turn out to be one of our favourite places. For the past couple of weeks we’ve been house sitting in a very beautiful, comfortable and warm home here in Timaru looking after these cuddly brothers, and we’ll be here until mid September.

Beautiful boys, Marcel and Louis
Louis always picks the best spot in the house!

Last year we had the opportunity to house sit and travel around New Zealand’s South Island. We thought we had most of the island covered, and wanted to spend a few months this year moving around the North Island. But then out of the blue we were invited to stay in Timaru for 6 weeks, to care for Louis and Marcel and to look after the owners’ lovely home.

We’re so thrilled and grateful to be here, to stay in this wonderful place with the chance to really explore and get to know the area. As we’ve found so many times, the pleasure of traveling slow and house sitting is all about taking our time to find our way around and to “live like a local”.

Good morning

Smack in the middle of Winter when parts of New Zealand are being battered by snow storms and power outages, here we are in Timaru, enjoying crisp frosty mornings followed by glorious sunshiny days. Though just to break it up a bit we did have a day of snow last week which was a real treat for us, hailing from the sub-tropics.

Alright, it might not have been a lot of snow, but we were excited.

Our home is a 10 minute walk to town which takes us through parkland and foreshore boardwalks around Caroline Bay, and each morning when we go out in search of coffee we always find new surprises.

Much of the parkland has been reclaimed from the bay and is beautifully designed and landscaped as a place for people.


The spaces are dotted with sculptures, fitness machines, fountains and gardens. As the paths wind their way through children’s play equipment, a skate park and even a bird aviary, we encounter a memorial walkway to reflect on the tragedies of war.

IMG_8319 (1)

First time we’ve ever seen a skate-park without graffiti!
The Face of Peace


Caroline Bay Hall
A 1920’s hall.

Once we reach the top of the town cliffs the views across Caroline Bay to the snow covered mountains just take our breath away. Our iPhone cameras can’t take in the sights as well as our eyes which is a shame, but we will always remember these views.

IMG_8330 (2)


Many great coastal walks take us to beautiful places, like around the bay to other beaches.


It looks like this tree could just topple over into the sea!

The owners of our house sit home have excellent taste and their home is beautifully decorated with really interesting and quirky touches.

IMG_0126 IMG_0125 IMG_0119

One great thing that house sitting provides is the use of the kitchen, and this home is very well provisioned. Self-catering while traveling is very important to us, being able to buy our food locally and cook great meals means we feel healthy, connected and very much at-home.  So, last week Dave requested steak & kidney pie!





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  1. Mary Lou Stephens

    The Hubby & I are doing two short house sits for friends next month, looking after a cat a dog, chooks, pigs and cattle! We’re looking forward to following in your global footsteps at some stage. You are an inspiration.

    1. whereverarewe

      Glad to hear you’ll be doing a couple of house sits, a great way to get started and makes for good references for your future. Look forward to hearing stories of your encounters. House sitting has been just so wonderful for us.

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