Brisbane, so much to love.

  Here we are in Brisbane. Crikey, talk about hitting the ground running! Since arriving in Brisbane from UK and Europe a month ago our calendar has become increasingly packed with family & friend catch-ups, medical & dental appointments, checking on our stuff in storage and that most important meeting – our financial…

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Stuff, etc

We’ve been traveling away from home for 10 months. Apart from the stuff we carry in our luggage, our actual physical “stuff” is in a storage unit. Not a lot of stuff mind you, we’ve given away the majority of our possessions over the past few years. We’re now back in Australia…

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Let’s go to Brussels…..

We were nearing the end of our house sit in Walton on Thames with a 2 week break before the next commitment in Pekham. We love house sitting and caring for the gorgeous pets, however it is an enormous responsibility and a level of pressure and concern, so it would…

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Brixton, London, SW2

Our 10 day stay in Brixton was all about catching up with Adam and meeting his beautiful fiancée, Jacque, in person for the first time. The added bonus was meeting Jacque’s mum and stepdad, Deb and Tom, who traveled over from Denver at the same time. Tom’s cousin Frederique even…

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