Staying in the bunker today


This morning we awoke to the devastating news of last night’s Paris tragedy and attacks in Lebanon. We watched it being reported on the BBC. It was difficult to drag ourselves away from the TV but we needed to leave our house-sit flat and take Tuck out for his morning walk.

It was cold and wet this morning as we wandered slowly around the village green with Tuck in the rain, quietly within our own thoughts.

We’ve been living this nomadic life for just over 4 months now, and our plan has been to carry on traveling and house sitting until we visit home in Australia in May 2016, then probably head off again around July. Maybe to South America, we don’t know where. We’re making it up as we go.

This morning Dave and I both felt we’d like to go home now. I phoned Adam in London and I said I’d like he and Jacque to come home with us now.  He said that would be like giving in. I said I’m ok with giving in. Mind you he didn’t argue with me about going home, so…. It made me feel good to connect with my son today. We spoke with Carly in Melbourne this morning and will connect with Elissa in Brisbane and Sarah working in Ghana tomorrow morning. We’ll Skype and Facetime with other friends and family over the weekend.

The weather is turning cold and rainy here in England (of course it is) and we’ve actually embraced it, heading out each day exploring for miles. But today we felt a need to stay indoors, turn on the heating and watch silly British TV lifestyle shows. Had takeaway for lunch from the Chinese next door. To nest and nurture.

It is very different being in this part of the world, with thousands and thousands of traumatised refugees arriving on European shores. Of crazed maniacs shooting and blowing up people. Being closer to it all than when we were in Australia. It is very different when you live so far away from where it is happening.

Yesterday, before we knew about this madness, we were looking at booking Eurostar tickets to Paris but changed our minds and ended up booking to go to Brussels & Bruges for a couple of weeks because we haven’t been to Belgium. We leave on Monday and return to London for our next house sit in Peckham on my birthday, 29th November.

We will stay on and continue with our travels. But I think we’ve felt a bit homesick lately, and today we felt a bit melancholy. And that’s ok, that’s normal. We’ve been away from home for a while now.

With love.

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  1. freakisheagle

    Hi Sue and Dave
    Just read your latest news on the blog. Feeling for you to be far from home when things are so fragile after the Paris attacks. Myself and Dot have also been upset by the stories emerging of callous killings. It does make you want to reach out to loved ones and affirm life so am pleased you are able to speak to your family. They are there no matter the distances involved.
    Four months is a long time to be nomads but what a ball you are having. You have met so many people and their pets! You have managed to navigate a full English on a pizza and taken dumplings in your stride. We admire your appetite for life and the people you meet and your stories are full of fun and learning.

    You are amazing people you and Dave and so inspiring. Belgium and Brugges are lovely places and have the most wonderful places to buy lace. You will love it there and I think it will be a nice trip for you. You will be safe and sound and it is another step forward albeit at a difficult time. Human spirit is a strong confirmation of who we are and there is plenty of it around right now, in Europe, Paris,Belgium,London, even little old Lawrence … don’t deny yourself a good trip. We wish you and Dave much strength and happiness to help you through the home sick feeling and sadness in Europe right now. Whatever you decide to do will be the right decision for you both. We send you our warmest wishes for now
    Love Helen and Dot …. and the rest of Lawrence

    1. whereverarewe

      Helen and Dot, what can I say. We are so blessed to have met you two and are proud to know you as our friends. Thank you for your very kind words and encouragement. Love to Lawrence xx

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