Hi, we’re Sue & Dave Pearse, thanks for stopping by.

We’ve been very fortunate to have traveled to some beautiful and interesting places over the years and we’ve always wanted more.

In 2015 we left our jobs, we sold the car, rented our home, gave away or sold most of our stuff and packed our few remaining possessions into a small storage unit.

And then we started traveling wherever we wanted, with just a small suitcase and a backpack each.

Our nomadic lifestyle gives us the opportunity to travel and house sit extensively throughout the world, including New Zealand, UK, Europe, SE Asia, South America, Canada, USA, Mexico and Australia.

Of course Covid put a stop to our travels back in 2020, just as we were about to board one way flights to Spain. Finally, we’re now taking the leap and are “back in the saddle”, ready to pick up where we left off.

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home and pet sitting

When we were working through our decision to retire early and start traveling full time we wondered how we would cope being on the road all the time and not having a home base of our own. And then we discovered house sitting.

House sitting has transformed the way we travel, enabling us to explore different parts of the world at a slow pace, integrate with local communities and best of all – spend time with wonderful pets.

The concept of house sitting for home owners is a real game changer as well. We know that for many people they find it very difficult to go traveling when they have much loved pets.

The drama around finding a friend or family member to stay or to drop over to check on animals is often too much to bear. Plus, the cost of boarding pets is usually prohibitive and adds significantly to the travel budget.

As house sitters, we provide valuable services to home & pet owners –  two responsible and caring people to care for pets, maintain property and deal with whatever else needs attending to.

When Covid stopped us travelling back in 2020 we decided to return to our own Brisbane home. 

Now, with travel once again possible who knows what adventures are ahead of us, we’ll just make it up as we go….

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