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When we had to cut short our South America trip in early 2017 we thought that as soon as Dave’s brain aneurysm was fixed we would head straight back over and pick up where we left off, in Brazil.

There was also the matter of an Elephant Sanctuary trip to Thailand and Cambodia we’d booked for June that had to be cancelled, and we wondered if we might just lose our deposits.

As we so often find, especially since we embarked on this crazy nomadic life a couple of years ago, outcomes don’t always follow plans. We’ve established that, if nothing else, we are flexible.

A few months ago #1 Son Adam in London told us that he and his wife Jacque would be in Bali for Christmas, together with Jacque’s American family. He said it would be great if Dave and I could join them all as well.

Our kids are living all over the place, so we try to take every opportunity to spend time with them whenever we can. Bali had never been high up as one of our must-go-to destinations, people we know either love it or hate it. But Bali it will be and we are very excited. We are, of course, going to be in the “love it” camp.

In fact we talked with #3 Daughter Sarah and now she will join in with us and the Americans at our spacious villa in Sanur. And then we found out that #2 Daughter Carly and her tribe would also be in Bali, though a couple of weeks later in January. So we will stay on and hang out with them at their resort for a few days. It will be a busy catch-up and exploring time.

With Bali being settled for Christmas through January it made sense to park our South America plans for another time and take the opportunity to embark on a SE Asia adventure instead.

We checked with our good friends Errol and Lemuel in Malacca, who said they’d love for us to stay with them. We visited them a few years ago and they are very gracious and generous hosts so we felt welcome to spend some time with them again and see more of their incredible home town and beyond.

Next thing, we were checking out our Singapore Airlines points and then ended up booking one-way Business tickets to Singapore for the following week! What a treat, and a brilliant deal.

And so, with hasty last minute planning, lots of hugs and kisses with family & friends, we headed off with our only fixed plans being the few days in Malacca and then several weeks in Bali over Christmas & January.

We don’t yet have a return ticket booked however we imagine being back in Brisbane early March 2018. In the meantime we will make it up as we go and seek out house sitting assignments along the way.

I’ll just mention that the flight across our magnificent country was stunning. The views of the ever-changing landscapes took our breathe away, especially since our recent Outback road trip.

So, in no particular order, here are some shots that don’t come anywhere close to showing the true majesty.


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  1. Tricia Ellis

    Brilliant as always.

  2. vivienne kincaid

    Amazing landscape pictures that show a really alternative view of your home Country 🙂 surely 50 shades of red 🙂

    1. whereverarewe

      Thanks Vivienne, yes it certainly showcases so many beautiful shades of landscape from the air 😉

  3. Susan Burton

    As usual a wonderful account so beautifully painted

    1. whereverarewe

      Oh thank you so much Sue, lovely that you would say so.

  4. Christopher

    A great article but I am shocked!….not a glass of wine in sight with your meals on Singapore airlines! 🙂 ONLY water!

    1. whereverarewe

      Couldn’t fit it all in the frame and never too far away Christopher, especially when in a proper glass and free flowing.

  5. Joe

    “…outcomes don’t always follow plans” is so true. I really like they way you have adapted your schedule, and that you will be spending so much time with your children and their families.

    1. whereverarewe

      Thanks Joe, we’re really looking forward to being with the family. So special.

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