New blog? What’s wrong with the old one?


I’ve been a little distracted of late, well actually I’ve been distracted for a very long time. But this particular distraction is all about upgrading my blog registration, setting up my own domain name and the (hopefully) successful transfer of all my WordPress stuff to my new server – Phew, there’s a challenge for the old grey matter…..

Oh, and a new blog theme. I never realised there would be such troublesome decisions. A bit like choosing a new car: make, model, colour, interiors, fancy extra add-ons and after sales service.  With this blog I consider it a work in progress as I can muck about with it as my obsession grips me and spare time allows. I can already see several areas that need work and I’m not really all that happy with some parts.

So, welcome to the new look whereverarewe blog site. Please let me know what you think about the changes and if you have any comments or suggestions. I promise I have thick enough skin to take on recommendations (ouch). My technical knowledge is measurably better than a couple of years ago but I still feel so ineffective sometimes, I just have to keep searching, googling, learning and then repeat.

I’ll be most interested to know if those lovely folk who follow along by email receive their updates ….. the help desk people assure me that will be the case.

Depending on how I feel about this blog layout as time goes by, you may well come back to a different viewing experience next time.

In the meantime, we’ve started 5 months of house sitting and traveling around New Zealand, currently caring for a couple of gorgeous Burmese in Timaru.  Then mid September we’ll make our way up to Auckland and plan to check out the North Island.

Here are some pics from our brief stopover in Christchurch.

Landed! Thanks Air New Zealand


A lot of controversy about whether the cathedral should be rebuilt or demolished


The temporary cathedral is constructed primarily of cardboard. Yes, cardboard!


Interesting street sculptures capturing everyday people
meow meow


Stereotyping at large

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  1. Vivienne Kincaid

    Thank you for the picture of the cardboard cathedral, it was not there when I was. Maybe a lesson should be learned from the catholic church, that dates from around the same time as the one the quake demolished but. it was built in wood and survived intact … 🙂

    1. whereverarewe

      Hi Vivienne, that cardboard cathedral sure is something to see. They use the space for concerts and art exhibitions as well. I think every new build is likely to be of great spans of steel.

  2. Diya

    Congrats on your move to the new domain 🙂 Looks like you’ve got a handle on things and it all seems to be going smoothly 🙂

    1. whereverarewe

      Thanks so much for the positive comment, a work in progress really. Initiation by fire for me and will keep on tweeking. Must focus on content over form.

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