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This has been one of my most challenging relationships. Ever close-by looming, enticing, demanding, flattering, criticising.

How many times have I considered ending it all and consigning it to another of life’s “character building” experiences?

How many times have I said to Dave, I think I’ve had enough of this? It might be time to give it away.

And then a friendly comment, a compliment, a word of encouragement from a stranger, will sometimes be enough to bring me around enough to pull up this screen and punch out a blog post.

Running a blog is lots of fun, but also at times a huge demand on my mental energy.

Back in September 2012 I was looking for a way to create a record of our epic China trip when blogs were still a relatively new concept, so I gave it a go. Here is my first ever blog post as I was trying it out.

We had such a fabulous time on our tour through China with a great bunch of folk and I really enjoyed writing about the trip.

And then I let the writing slide. A lot went on over the ensuing few years – including a massive career change and relocation from Brisbane to Noosa that sucked up most of my mental energy and I didn’t really think about writing for pleasure.

It took me almost 3 years to finally write the last post from the China trip.

I needed to finish the China segment so I could move on to the next phase.

In 2015 when we made the decision to quit work and sell off/give away/pack up our stuff to travel full time I thought an interesting challenge would be to re-activate the blog and explore the wonderful world of blog writing and website development.

We had no real notion of what was ahead and I wrote this installment as we were leaving Queensland:

Here we are after 2 1/2 years of full time traveling and I’m now about to publish this, my 100th post.

I consider 100 blog posts to be a significant milestone and it has caused me some reflection.

As I do a quick count back over the archives I see that I’ve written around 70 of the 99 posts since the time we left Australia in 2015.

If I indulge myself further and ponder a favourite post I think it could be this one.

I asked Dave to consider his top 3 posts and he nominated 4 because he couldn’t make a final decision and he doesn’t like to be restricted:


I don’t really concern myself with stats on page visits or readership, however when I have a look at the numbers they tell me this was the post that received the most likes and comments:

And this one holds a place in my heart as it was a particularly emotional period for us whilst in England:

Keeping this website and writing going is sometimes such a pain that I want to just stop and do other things. Honestly it can do my head in.

Over the years I’ve met online some really lovely people who follow the blog and take the time to like or comment, and likewise I also follow their tales.

I’m incredibly lucky to have Dave as my muse, critique and number one fan. He’s a mighty fine editor, challenger and motivator.  Being tolerant and wise, Dave considers his opinions and gently steers me back on course when I deviate from the task and have feelings of uncertainty.

And so, here is my 100th blog post and having just read though a bunch of earlier posts, I’ve given myself a massive confidence boost and will get back to it.

With or without an audience I’ll keep writing about our journey because it gives Dave and I some terrific focal points to our life and our travels.

Thanks so much for following, I love having you along on our ride.

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  1. Edel Logan

    I love the honesty and rawness of your writing. It’s so inspiring. Would love if you would give the rest of us insight into how you find places to housesit. It’s my dream to do this one day.

    1. Sue Pearse

      Hi Edel, thanks for your kind words. I’ve started writing on the “House Sitting – how we do it” page of the website so if you click on that tab you’ll see a bit of how we started house sitting and how we do it now. The page is a work in progress and I plan to expand on it over time. Your dream is totally achievable.

  2. Andrew

    Great work Sue & congrats on teaching 100 posts. Am sure that in years to come you will be so glad of this record of your travels. Looking forward to the next 100.

    1. Sue Pearse

      So true Andrew, it is like having a bit of a life journal and is great to look back on. Thanks for the comments.

  3. Joe

    Sue, Congratulations on 100 posts! I know how you feel about writing and keeping a blog. It takes a lot of time and mental energy that I don’t always want to expend. As you so eloquently say; however, our old blog posts are a pleasant reminder of the fun and interesting travels we have enjoyed. Like you, I also find that Instagram posts are a nice compliment to blogging, and much easier to keep up with. Cheers to you and Dave on your 100th!

    1. Sue Pearse

      Thanks Joe, other bloggers can certainly identify. Dave and I enjoy following your and Esther’s own accounts of your fascinating travels.

  4. Ken Stephens

    Lovely milestone Sue. Bravo!!

  5. Mary Lou Stephens

    I’m so glad you’ve persevered with the blogging. I’ve found your travels fascinating and inspiring. Blog on!

    1. Sue Pearse

      Thanks Mary-Lou, so nice of you to say.

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