Lizio, junkyard treasures and strange locals


Not far from our house-sit hamlet of Mohon is the lovely little village of Lizio. Typical of many Brittany villages, Lizio has the usual Tabac, Mairie (town hall) and of course the church. But what stands out a bit for Lizio is a fantastical place full of junk.


After 2 unsuccessful attempts to get into the place we finally made it. The first time the centre was “closed for Winter”, opening 1 April. So back we went a few weeks later in the late morning only to find that they open after 2pm during April-June. By this time I think Dave was ready to give it away but I did want to go in and have a look around at what is called Universe of the Scrap Metal Poet.



Robert Coudray is the Junkyard Poet, genius creator of Poete Ferrailleur, a museum of 80 animated sculptures, robots and objects, and he has made each of these from bits & pieces of scrap metal and recycled materials. The objects all come alive at the flick of a switch or turn of a handle.


As we walked around the haphazard arrangement of sculptures, robots & little houses, we realised that we were the only grown ups without kids in tow. Our grandkids Maya, Samara, Jackson and Poppy would have been thrilled to run amok in this magical place and wonder as the strange metal sculptures came to life before their eyes.



Heading back through the village we encountered an odd assortment of locals hanging around not doing much. Aren’t some people so clever!


It’s a great area and well worth visiting if you happen to find yourself in the Morbihan department of Brittany. Certainly go to the junk museum if you need to entertain a couple of kids. And stop in at the Tabac, they do good petit caffe.




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