House sitting – how we do it

** I’m working on this page so it isn’t yet completed. Please feel welcome to contact us if you have any feedback or specific questions. We’re always happy to talk about house sitting, nomadic living and our transit day challenges.


Many people are interested to learn about our nomadic lifestyle and how we’ve managed to combine travel with house sitting and make it work for us over the past 2+ years.

How did we learn about house sitting?

It all started for us a few years ago and the initial idea came to me through a travel blog, though after all this time I can’t recall the blog.

You see, I am a prolific reader of personal stories and have always been intrigued about how people’s lives play out.

I would read stories about people that had left their jobs, passed on all their stuff and taken off to travel the world. It all seemed at the time as if this could be for “other people” and yet I knew in my heart that it was something we could do. If only we both wanted to do it, and of course as long as we could afford it.

How did we get started?

Once the concept of house sitting seemed like a reality I trawled every online link I could find to learn more about those folk living this seemingly glorious life of traveling while caring for other peoples’ homes and pets.

One of the first places my searching landed me was the house sitting search platform, Trusted Housesitters. It was here that an entire new world opened up and from there I just knew that we could make this kind of life work for us. I really did get inspiration from all those other people just like us – if they can do it then so can we.

It didn’t take long for Dave to come on board with equal enthusiasm and so we worked together to create a reasonable profile and then accumulate a few personal references.

One vital thing we’ve learned along the way is that having a strong profile story is key to ensuring home owners get the right impression of our abilities, style and professionalism. Equally important of course are references. After all, homeowners are trusting us as strangers, to care for their most valuable assets – their home and pets.

When starting out we looked at other house sitter profiles to get an idea of what we might like to say about ourselves. Honestly, it was pretty daunting and felt a bit like putting together a job application, which I guess in a way it is. We like to think of our profile as a work in progress, something we revisit from time to time to make sure the content is accurate and up to date.

Our initial references included from family members whose pets we’d previously stayed with and cared for, as well as a couple of personal and professional references. Back then I also included our Airbnb profile but don’t bother with that now.

Which house sitting platforms work best for us?

Throughout UK, Europe and in Australia we’ve used Trusted Housesitters. This is a really large platform and possibly the most popular world wide. I find searching for sits fairly straight forward however I often struggle with working my way around my profile pages.

In New Zealand we’ve had great success with Kiwi Housesitters. The people behind this platform run a great operation, the website is very easy to navigate.

In Australia we’ve occasionally used Aussie Housesitters, the site is connected to Kiwi Housesitters, run by the same family.


Here are some of our favourite housesitting blog posts


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