Hong Kong….. here we are

Hong Kong. Some more fabulousness.

I’ve always thought it best not to eat the meal offered on an overnight flight – just shut down and go straight to sleep. One day I might just take my own advice. I’m always interested in the food offerings and this time especially as we’d never flown with Singapore Airlines before. I was not disappointed with the tasty fried rice. But it did cause delayed sleep and with all the distractions I probably managed only about 4 hours before waking for my breakfast of vegetable frittata. I couldn’t face it so stuck to the fruit & yogurt.

We were seated in a row of 4 and my neighbour to my left was an Indian woman about my age, who was on her way to Bangalore to visit her father and brother. Turned out she was not a good traveler and when I saw her reach for the sick bag I knew I had to choose between being repulsed and feigning sleep or being repulsed and offering care and attention. So I spoke with her for a while, rubbing her back to make sure she was ok. Afterwards we laughed about it together and she said it happens every time. Poor thing.

The connecting flight to HK provided another food opportunity with breakfast #2. This time I was starving and really hooked into the noodles and everything else on the side.

Arriving in HK was pretty easy, however despite confirming with the agent before we left home, our driver was nowhere to be found. Not to worry. We jumped on a train to Kowloon then cabbed it from the station to the hotel. All good. The cabbie spoke English which is always a bonus and so Dave was happily quizzing him about various infrastructure stuff which then allowed me to zone out and watch Hong Kong open before us. Sam couldn’t hear and was quite content to sit back as well.

We were in Hong Kong back in 2006 with our great friends Tricia & Jeff, so we felt confident enough.

The hotel was as good as we would expect. Very clean, good size room, Chinese tv shows …

Oh, and with the usual Hong Kong view of the neighbouring buildings.

We managed to get about Hong Kong quite a bit. Up the mid-level escalators, the longest outdoor escalator in the world, the tram up to the Peak – amazing views. We also braved the massive cable car over to Lantau Island to visit the huge bronze Buddha on top of a mountain. The view of Hong Kong Harbour at night is really something to experience.

Hong Kong was a major success, and we ate some fabulous Cantonese food. We 3 are getting along just fine.

Not sure about China allowing access to blog sites, so this may not get published straight away.

But for now here are some pics from Hong Kong.

D & S at the Peak on a “clear” day.
2 P’s in a pod
They use bamboo as scaffold.

Monster chairlift to Lantau Island
This huge Buddha loomed in the distance.

Hitting the night life in Hong Kong

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