Finally, China 2012. Its a wrap


I have to admit to being a non-finisher. There, I’ve said it. Though this will not surprise those who know me well.

I’m one of those people who has a brilliant idea, gets all excited about starting the ball rolling, then wishes someone would just come along and finish it off for me. My sister blames it on Sagittarius, and isn’t she so lovely not to just blame it on me.

Anyway, I started this whereverarewe blog back in 2012 to record my thoughts and our experiences on what turned out to be an incredible trip to China. The fact that Dave’s 84yo dad Sam came along with us just enhanced and challenged the adventure.

By the end of this trip we were pretty much shattered. Poor Sam was really sick with a cold and I felt quite average. Dave managed to get through the month unscathed.

So here we are at Beijing airport spending the last of our Chinese money on wine. Quite appropriate I think.


I want to round off the China story so that I can move on and talk about other stuff we’ve done. And we’ve really done some stuff. I’ll probably be quite random and may well lose continuity.

Blame that on Sagittarius.


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