Count down to China


30th September 2012 

So here we are only 4 sleeps away from our grand adventure to the Orient. 

We’ve been practicing our packing and had forgotten the challenge to “pack light”. On our recent overseas trips we committed to taking only a small “carry on” size wheeled suitcase to check in and a 30 litre back pack to take on board. That allows enough clothing and stuff for around 1 week. It works well. 

I found the concept of packing light in 2009 from and we’ve traveled light ever since. Everything we’ve packed so far will come back out of the bags and culled by about a third before we leave. It’s really liberating to take just the bare minimum. And the real bonus is not dragging around a huge suitcase full of “just in case” stuff. 


We caught up with Sam yesterday and shared out the cash that I’d bought last week. It was great to talk through our last-minute thoughts and plans. Sam’s pretty well sorted and ready for the journey. And having the money has made the reality a lot closer. So many notes for seemingly so little value.


I’m not sure how the internet will work in China. I think in Hong Kong it will be fine. In China though, there are restrictions on sites like Facebook, Skype and a lot of Google applications. We plan to buy Sim cards in China and hope to use text and email, and we’ll see how Facebook works. The best way for people to contact us will be via email we think.

The current temperature in China is averaging mid 20’s, so should be comfortable weather. Hong Kong is typically about 4 degrees hotter.

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  1. Kath & Kez

    how exciting. I know that you will all have a great time, so stay safe and I can't wait to hear more either along the way or when you are back home. Much Love Kez & Kath

  2. Amanda Meehan

    I admire your dedication to packing light Sue, I'm afraid it is a foreign concept for me, lol!!!

    Look forward to hearing about all your adventures!

    Have a wonderful trip.



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