Josselin connections

The first person we met when we arrived at our Mohon house sit home was the home owner's friend Karen. Karen and her husband Rick are Brit expats and have lived in and around Josselin for around 10 years. Karen and Rick have established pretty good lives in Josselin, they've raised a…

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Recollections: the road trip

The road trip - what's not to love? There's a particular anticipation about talking, thinking, planning and being on, a road trip. The conversations you have on a road trip are very different to any other conversations. They are conversations that peak and wane over the hours. On a road trip you…


Hunting and gathering in Brittany.

  Are you one of those people who hates grocery shopping? Back in my frantic days of attempting and failing at the whole work/life balance thing, shopping was right up there as a major stressor and something I almost resented. But now my life has slowed down to the point where I find…


Lizio, junkyard treasures and strange locals

Not far from our house-sit hamlet of Mohon is the lovely little village of Lizio. Typical of many Brittany villages, Lizio has the usual Tabac, Mairie (town hall) and of course the church. But what stands out a bit for Lizio is a fantastical place full of junk. After 2 unsuccessful attempts to…


Rochefort-en-Terre, hold the cheese

On a late-Winter morning we were headed South on a day trip to Vannes on Brittany's south coast. Along the motorway a little crossroad sign pointing to the East said "Rochefort-en-Terre, 20km". Dave said, ah we'll stop in there, I'd love to get some cheese. Sure. What I love about random travel is…


Home and away, staying connected

We're flying home to Brisbane in less than 4 weeks. I know, I can't believe it either! There's so much we're looking forward to, most especially the opportunity to have proper human conversations, with hugs. Staying connected with family and friends back home in Australia has been both a comfort and a challenge for us while we've traveled…


April Fish

    Did you know that in France and French-speaking countries there's this thing with April Fools Day, where the kids sneak up behind an adult and stick a paper cut out of a fish on their back? Yes it is a thing and they call it Poisson d'Avril - April…


Holy flying church bells!

If you think little fluffy bunnies delivering Easter eggs is a bit far-fetched, then how do you feel about flying bells dropping chocolate treats to the kids in France? And why not, children love fantasy and this one's a pretty good tale. My journey of discovery started when I read that church bells…

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In Mohon, trying to live like a local
We'd be lost without our trusty maps

In Mohon, trying to live like a local

What does that expression really mean, "live like a local'? I know I've used it, maybe even overused it, and I've read lots of stories about the benefit to travelers to slow down and "live like a local". Our current house sit is for 2 months in a 350 year old barn, converted…

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