Litchfield: party central

When Dave told his cousin Peter that we would visit Darwin in July, Peter immediately invited us to join him with a crowd of mates, camping in Litchfield National Park.Litchfield is only an hour’s drive from Darwin so it is a great spot for locals to head for a weekend.…


Kakadu Dreams

Have you ever turned up somewhere wonderful and thought, “how could I not have  visited here before?” or “why has it taken me so long to come to this place?”.Well, that’s exactly what it was like for me the first time I visited Australia’s Northern Territory.Back in 2017 Dave and…


Back from the Outback

Dave's been saying to me for years: you have to experience driving in the Outback to really get it. If I thought the drive on the way into the Red Center from Queensland was epic, then what was to come was even more so. Following our incredible Kings Canyon visit…


Kings Canyon in our own back yard

As we approached the check-in counter at Kings Canyon Resort I was comforted by the globally recognised symbols, assuring us that WIFI was available. It was after we'd been through the formalities with the receptionist that we learned not only was there no internet, there was also no mobile service.…


A mighty rock

Have you ever had that feeling of being completely overwhelmed when you find yourself in the presence of greatness, of something extraordinary? Something that you've always known about and then to finally be there?Arriving at the Great Wall of China was an epic moment and I'll never forget seeing the…

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