Home, not home

The advantages for us leading this nomadic lifestyle are many and varied, not least the opportunities to house sit, caring for gorgeous pets whilst living in lovely homes around the world. But what happens when a curve ball is thrown, unexpectedly having to go “home” when in fact we no…


Cat Cuddle Cafe

*** Feline alert: if you don't like cats you might like to stop right here. For the past couple of years as house and pet sitters we have become accustomed to having animals in our daily lives. For the moment though, we are not house sitting. We're staying at daughter…


Brisbane, so much to love.

  Here we are in Brisbane. Crikey, talk about hitting the ground running! Since arriving in Brisbane from UK and Europe a month ago our calendar has become increasingly packed with family & friend catch-ups, medical & dental appointments, checking on our stuff in storage and that most important meeting - our financial…

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