Cat Cuddle Cafe


*** Feline alert: if you don’t like cats you might like to stop right here.

For the past couple of years as house and pet sitters we have become accustomed to having animals in our daily lives.

For the moment though, we are not house sitting. We’re staying at daughter Sarah’s Brisbane flat while we wait for Dave’s brain aneurism procedure, some time in the next few weeks (hopefully).

We’ve been missing having little furry things to take care of and when we found out about the Cut Cuddle Cafe at Red Hill we booked an appointment, paid the $12 donation, and spent some lovely time just hanging around with beautiful cats and kittens.


The cafe is Australia’s first cat cafe run by a rescue organisation (Pussies Galore Rescue) and is operated mostly by teams of dedicated cat loving volunteers.

Most of the cats are available for adoption and if you’re not able to commit to taking on a cat to live with you they also require foster carers to care for the cats until a permanent home can be found.

We did learn that to adopt a cat you have to go through a very thorough screening process, just to make sure people are really genuine. Some of the cats at the shelter are there because their families no longer wanted them.

The rescue service relies on donations to pay for the care and medical needs of the cats including de-sexing, vaccination, microchipping as well as flea and worm treatment. So we were certainly happy to pay our $12 entry fee and buy coffees.
The place has a great gift shop where they sell any kinds of cat related stuff.
And get this, they run various social fund raising events including Yoga with Cats, Board Games with Cats and even a Singles Mingles with Cats for those wanting more than just cat friendships. Very ingenious.

We hadn’t thought about it being the first week of the school holidays and so we had to fend off a bunch of kids to get close to the cats, but we managed well enough and just enjoyed the time we had. It was actually quite nice watching the kids having fun with the animals.
We really enjoyed our time at the Cat Cuddle Cafe. If you’re in Brisbane and like cats, then maybe you’d also enjoy a visit to be with lovely kitties and support the efforts of the rescue effort.


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  1. suechaff

    What a wonderful place and a brilliant idea.

    1. whereverarewe

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Katina, glad you liked the story and photos.

  2. Sam and Veren

    So cute! They all look so relaxed and playful. It’s great that they have a separate litter room so they can do their kitty business in privacy. And wonderful that they also facilitate things like fostering. Looks like a purrrrfect place! (Haha, couldn’t resist). =D

    1. whereverarewe

      Hi Sam and Veren, yes it really was a lovely relaxed place, and a nice way to get to know the cats.

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