Brisbane, so much to love.



Here we are in Brisbane.

Crikey, talk about hitting the ground running!

Since arriving in Brisbane from UK and Europe a month ago our calendar has become increasingly packed with family & friend catch-ups, medical & dental appointments, checking on our stuff in storage and that most important meeting – our financial advisor, to check that we can keep on doing this travel thing.

What I’ve found really interesting is my inability to focus on writing this blog and to updating Facebook and Instagram. I just haven’t felt the same enthusiasm to write as when we’ve been in far off places.

I’m easily distracted and my brain has been so busy thinking about everything here, and I find myself constantly referring to our calendar just in case we forget some important event. Clearly what that means is that we are so blessed to have wonderful people in our lives and we want to spend as much time as we can with them before we head off again.


NJB_9927 copy


Number 1 son Adam and his beautiful wife Jacque came across from London for a flying visit to meet the family and connect with Adam’s mates.

We loved having them with us here, although I do wonder if it was a bit of an ordeal for them, with everyone asking the same questions, you know how families do that 🙂

We recognise that we could very easily slip in to a settled life here with very close family ties and great long-standing friendships. We’ve said before that it is way easier to have a home life in the one place than to travel around the world and live in other people’s’ homes. But not just yet. We really do want to keep on going.



For now though we’re loving everything that Brisbane has to offer, and its been so good to look at our old home town through the eyes of a visitor.  Brisbane is a brilliant small city with an exciting culture and fabulous weather. The way of life here is still quite relaxed compared with Sydney and Melbourne, though we’ve noticed the traffic is chaotic and the drivers quite aggressive compared to what we’ve been used to in New Zealand and rural France.

Melbourne will be our next stop in a couple of weeks and we’ll stay there for a month before moving over to New Zealand again. From there, not sure yet, though we’ve played with an idea to travel around Brazil with youngest daughter Sarah who’ll already be in that part of the world. We’ll see how that plays out.

For the moment, here are a few pics of our time here in Brisbane.


The grandparent school pickup was our first duty. Chocolate for Maya, English toffee for Grandpa, Boysenberry for Nana.

























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  1. Joe

    Hi Sue & Dave, We too are at home in between travel adventures, and can relate to everything you say. It sounds like you will be off again soon. In the meantime, as a travel destination, there is no place like home. Happy travels, Joe & Es

    1. whereverarewe

      Hi Joe & Es, indeed home has been a great place for us!

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