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Containers of hope and prosperity

I think everyone should visit Christchurch to witness the greatness of human resilience, endurance and hope. One thing you can’t help noticing around Christchurch is

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Broken city, healing lives

Christchurch is really stumping me and I’m finding it difficult to articulate my feelings about the place. What is it about a city that makes

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Moving right along….

I haven’t updated this blog other than to wrap up our 2012 China trip a few months ago. Life’s been busy and I have to

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Xian. Big clay statues.

Of course the main event in Xian is a visit to see the Terracotta Warriors. And we were suitably awe-struck! What an incredible place, and

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Xian. A real favourite.

We now find ourselves in beautiful, charming Xian. Incredible to think that yet again we put our lives so willingly into the hands of random

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Hangzhou. Tea, totally.

Loving, loving, loving China. Did I mention how much we love China? Leaving Shanghai 🙁 We’ve been treated to amazingly fantastic food (oh, the food

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