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Brixton, London, SW2

Our 10 day stay in Brixton was all about catching up with Adam and meeting his beautiful fiancée, Jacque, in person for the first time.

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Staying in the bunker today

This morning we awoke to the devastating news of last night’s Paris tragedy and attacks in Lebanon. We watched it being reported on the BBC.

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More in Morpeth

We probably wouldn’t have considered staying for any length of time in Morpeth if it hadn’t been for this house sitting assignment. We’d just pass

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Halloween in my Australia isn’t much more than a bunch of kids, hopefully under adult supervision, knocking on the front doors of neighbours asking for

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47 Days

New Zealand captivated me beyond my expectations. My only regret is that we didn’t have a great camera. Dave’s iPhone 6 certainly did a better

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Kiwi culinary delights

Every country has its unique delicacies and New Zealand is no exception. We’re always on the lookout to try local favourites and usually willing to

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This housesitting thing

I love reading other peoples’ stories and have followed a few travel blogs for some time. So many different preferences and styles of travel, really

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Containers of hope and prosperity

I think everyone should visit Christchurch to witness the greatness of human resilience, endurance and hope. One thing you can’t help noticing around Christchurch is

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Broken city, healing lives

Christchurch is really stumping me and I’m finding it difficult to articulate my feelings about the place. What is it about a city that makes

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