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Home and away, staying connected

We’re flying home to Brisbane in less than 4 weeks. I know, I can’t believe it either! There’s so much we’re looking forward to, most especially the opportunity to have

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April Fish

    Did you know that in France and French-speaking countries there’s this thing with April Fools Day, where the kids sneak up behind an

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Holy flying church bells!

If you think little fluffy bunnies delivering Easter eggs is a bit far-fetched, then how do you feel about flying bells dropping chocolate treats to the kids

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A hairy life

This morning I noticed the back of Dave’s t-shirt thick with white cat hair from where Doris was sitting on the back of Dave’s chair last night, nuzzling against his neck.

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Canals now and then.

Dave and I have had a fascination for canals and canal boats for many years. Back in 2006 we traveled to Wales and hired a

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Bradford on Avon, not upon.

A while back I was reading about Bradford on Avon, some kind of forum I think, where a writer called the town Bradford-upon-Avon. Well you

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Avebury Surprise

Our first attempt at visiting Avebury was aborted. We arrived at around 2 o’clock on a very cold, miserably damp afternoon. Pulled into the car

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Rotterdam, almost not

We almost missed our train because online I booked the 10.06am, except there isn’t a 10.06am train from Antwerp to Rotterdam, only a 9.45am. We

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