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Oohoo from Timaru

Wow, we never imagined Timaru could turn out to be one of our favourite places. For the past couple of weeks we’ve been house sitting

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Paddington, Brisbane 4064.

To get the true sense of a modern city it is often the surrounding suburbs that will provide greater depth and insights for the visitor. Since becoming slow

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Brisbane, a day on the River…

“Let’s head down to Park Road for our coffee this morning”. Dave wanted to expand our experiences beyond our local favourites, just 2 kilometers from our

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Brisbane, so much to love.

  Here we are in Brisbane. Crikey, talk about hitting the ground running! Since arriving in Brisbane from UK and Europe a month ago our calendar

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Stuff, etc

We’ve been traveling away from home for 10 months. Apart from the stuff we carry in our luggage, our actual physical “stuff” is in a

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Josselin connections

The first person we met when we arrived at our Mohon house sit home was the home owner’s friend Karen. Karen and her husband Rick are

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Recollections: the road trip

The road trip – what’s not to love? There’s a particular anticipation about talking, thinking, planning and being on, a road trip. The conversations you have

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