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Streets of Valparaiso

  I had read on some travel sites that Valparaiso makes a good day trip from Santiago.   How wrong were those reviews!   Valparaiso

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Santiago style

  A friend told us about an Australian woman she knows who lived in Santiago for 2 years with her husband and teenage son, and

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  2 months ago we landed in Brisbane after 6 months of traveling and house sitting around New Zealand. They were glory days, of the

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Leap of Faith

As it happens towards the end of a year, we find ourselves reflecting on the past 12 months, talking about the highs, the lows and

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A killer challenge

  New Zealand is a country rich in Maori legend. Pretty much anywhere you go in New Zealand you will find great stories about mighty

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Don’t go to Rotorua

Some people told us not to bother going to Rotorua, nothing much there but the stench of sulfur, they said, oh and a few hot

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Wild Wild West Auckland

The Lonely Planet New Zealand guide suggests a visit to Auckland’s western beaches if you are looking for a 4 day itinerary in the city.

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Timaru from the other side

Once we’ve sorted the morning caffeine fix at our favourite cafe we go exploring and there’s no better way to get to know a place

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Our year of winter

Can you believe just a little while ago we ticked over a year of traveling full-time, away from home? Yes, that’s right, a bit over

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