whoever are we

We’re Sue & Dave Pearse, thanks for stopping by our blog.

We’ve been very fortunate to have travelled to some beautiful and interesting places over the years and we’ve always wanted more.

In June 2015 we left our jobs, we sold the car, rented our home, gave away or sold most of our stuff and packed our few remaining possessions into a small storage unit.

And now we’re making our way wherever we want, with just a small suitcase and a backpack each.

With our 4 kids settled in their own adult lives we felt that now is the perfect time to take off for a while.

Our nomadic lifestyle gives us the opportunity to travel and house sit extensively throughout the world, and so far we’ve spent time in far flung places including New Zealand, UK, Europe, SE Asia, South America, Canada, USA, Mexico and of course, Australia.

Along the way we’ve fallen in love with so many gorgeous animals. plus we’ve made great friends across the world.

When not house sitting we mostly stay in Airbnb apartments.

We prefer slow travel, so staying in a house or apartment enables us to unpack, relax and prepare our own meals. We explore the neighbourhood and live like a local.

Making it up as we go is a fairly good representation of how we approach our current life.

That’s not to say there isn’t some planning and structure around our decisions, we’re certainly not completely winging it without some order.

But we’re always adaptable and happy to move on when the time seems right.