Josselin connections

The first person we met when we arrived at our Mohon house sit home was the home owner's friend Karen. Karen and her husband Rick are Brit expats and have lived in and around Josselin for around 10 years. Karen and Rick have established pretty good lives in Josselin, they've raised a…

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In Mohon, trying to live like a local
We'd be lost without our trusty maps

In Mohon, trying to live like a local

What does that expression really mean, "live like a local'? I know I've used it, maybe even overused it, and I've read lots of stories about the benefit to travelers to slow down and "live like a local". Our current house sit is for 2 months in a 350 year old barn, converted…


Bradford on Avon, not upon.

A while back I was reading about Bradford on Avon, some kind of forum I think, where a writer called the town Bradford-upon-Avon. Well you wouldn't believe the indignation of some of the commenters! Apparently it is a great insult to the town to call it Bradford-upon-Avon, although it is…


Staying in the bunker today

This morning we awoke to the devastating news of last night's Paris tragedy and attacks in Lebanon. We watched it being reported on the BBC. It was difficult to drag ourselves away from the TV but we needed to leave our house-sit flat and take Tuck out for his morning…


More in Morpeth

We probably wouldn't have considered staying for any length of time in Morpeth if it hadn't been for this house sitting assignment. We'd just pass through, maybe spend a night in a B&B, a quick look around the town. For 2 weeks in October we relief-managed the Riverside Guesthouse so…

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