A couple of boomers and an octogenarian

Our dear friend Liza works for an aged care advocacy organisation in Brisbane. A  part of Liza's job is to manage the production of an Over 55's monthly magazine called "Now That's Living". A few months ago Liza asked me to write a piece about Dave and I traveling to…


Testing, testing. Here we go, almost.

3rd October 2012 So this is my first attempt to upload a blog using the iPad. I know I've left it a bit late to test if I can actually do this on the go, but that's pretty typical of me I guess. This is our last night in a…


Count down to China

30th September 2012  So here we are only 4 sleeps away from our grand adventure to the Orient.  We've been practicing our packing and had forgotten the challenge to "pack light". On our recent overseas trips we committed to taking only a small "carry on" size wheeled suitcase to check…

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