Road trip

Kata Tjuta: more than just a bunch of red boulders

Kata Tjuta is sacred to the Anangu people, who have inhabited the area for more than 22,000 years. The sandstone domes of Kata Tjuta are believed to be around 500 million years old. Can you believe that? It is something that filled our minds and our hearts as we stopped…

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A mighty rock

Have you ever had that feeling of being completely overwhelmed when you find yourself in the presence of greatness, of something extraordinary? Something that you’ve always known about and then to finally be there? Arriving at the Great Wall of China was an epic moment and I’ll never forget seeing…

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Alice Springs: hats, a cat, and why we will go back

  Lots of Beanies:  We turned up in Alice Springs during the annual Beanie Festival and if you are considering a visit to the Alice, then I’d highly recommend getting there around the end of June / early July because you’ll get to see up close some amazing quirky craft created…

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Alice Springs, east and west

  I had no idea what to expect in Alice Springs. Dave had been years ago, but I know he was just as excited as I was to be there. One of the first things that struck us as we approached Alice after hours and hours of solid highway driving…

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The road trip: nothing to see on the road to Alice

Over the years when we’ve talked about traveling through the Outback, Dave has told me that there is absolutely nothing out there on the road to Alice. Nothing. What do you mean by nothing, I’d ask. There must be something. No, nothing there, he’d say. Nothing as far as the…

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The road trip: adventures in The Beast, the beginning

I was apprehensive. And I suspect Dave was also. Dave’s brother Keith generously offered us the use of his monster truck, a 6.5L Chevrolet Suburban with a 150 litre diesel tank and comfy leather armchairs. Cup holders, but no air conditioning. Dash cam and rear camera. Well optioned for a…

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