Musings @ 100

This has been one of my most challenging relationships. Ever close-by looming, enticing, demanding, flattering, criticising. How many times have I considered ending it all and consigning it to another of life's "character building" experiences? How many times have I said to Dave, I think I've had enough of this?…


Giving in to Bali

When #1 son Adam asked us to join him and his wife Jacque, together with Jacque's family from the U.S. to spend Christmas/New Year with them in Bali I have to admit to secretly wishing that they had chosen a different location. Up until recently Dave and I belonged to…


A couple of boomers and an octogenarian

Our dear friend Liza works for an aged care advocacy organisation in Brisbane. A  part of Liza's job is to manage the production of an Over 55's monthly magazine called "Now That's Living". A few months ago Liza asked me to write a piece about Dave and I traveling to…

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