This transit day

The Officer announced gravely, “looks like we have a problem here”. Those are not the words you want to hear as you try to move through UK Immigration. Having just spent 2 weeks enjoying a break in Brussels and Antwerp (with a side to Rotterdam) it was time to head…

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Musings of a 56 year old

Tomorrow I will be 57. Except that I turned 57 yesterday because I’m in the Northern Hemisphere and I was born in Australia (so grateful for that). But for the moment I am still 56 where I am right now, which is Antwerp. It’s funny how we turn out isn’t…

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Let’s go to Brussels…..

We were nearing the end of our house sit in Walton on Thames with a 2 week break before the next commitment in Pekham. We love house sitting and caring for the gorgeous pets, however it is an enormous responsibility and a level of pressure and concern, so it would…

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