August 2017

The road trip: nothing to see on the road to Alice

Over the years when we’ve talked about traveling through the Outback, Dave has told me that there is absolutely nothing out there on the road to Alice. Nothing. What do you mean by nothing, I’d ask. There must be something. No, nothing there, he’d say. Nothing as far as the…

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The road trip: adventures in The Beast, the beginning

I was apprehensive. And I suspect Dave was also. Dave’s brother Keith generously offered us the use of his monster truck, a 6.5L Chevrolet Suburban with a 150 litre diesel tank and comfy leather armchairs. Cup holders, but no air conditioning. Dash cam and rear camera. Well optioned for a…

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Home, not home

The advantages for us leading this nomadic lifestyle are many and varied, not least the opportunities to house sit, caring for gorgeous pets whilst living in lovely homes around the world. But what happens when a curve ball is thrown, unexpectedly having to go “home” when in fact we no…

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