The walking tour: Valparaiso

  You know how we love a guided walking tour when we arrive somewhere new.   It’s a wonderful way for us to learn about a place we’ll be spending time in, of the history and social structures. And we see things we’re unlikely to if we just wandered around…


Cat Cuddle Cafe

*** Feline alert: if you don't like cats you might like to stop right here. For the past couple of years as house and pet sitters we have become accustomed to having animals in our daily lives. For the moment though, we are not house sitting. We're staying at daughter…


Streets of Valparaiso

  I had read on some travel sites that Valparaiso makes a good day trip from Santiago.   How wrong were those reviews!   Valparaiso in 3 days wasn’t nearly long enough for us to absorb the energy and atmosphere of the fascinating port city.   We arrived into Valparaiso…

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