A killer challenge

  New Zealand is a country rich in Maori legend. Pretty much anywhere you go in New Zealand you will find great stories about mighty chiefs, great battles, beautiful princesses and the pursuit of love. Here in Hawke's Bay legend plays an important part in Maori culture.   One of…


Kaikoura shaken and stirred

Dave and I were having dinner on Sunday night a week ago, when I realised we hadn't told anyone we would be staying in Napier for the night. That's not really such a big deal because we don't actually "check in" with family & friends on a daily basis but…


Don’t go to Rotorua

Some people told us not to bother going to Rotorua, nothing much there but the stench of sulfur, they said, oh and a few hot springs and stuff.  We'd need face masks just to be able to breathe, they said. Yet so many told us of the wondrous and mystical…

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