Our year of winter

Can you believe just a little while ago we ticked over a year of traveling full-time, away from home? Yes, that's right, a bit over 12 months ago we were reveling in the mellow winter days of Noosa, with average daily temps of 24c. There were discussions about what clothes…


Oohoo from Timaru

Wow, we never imagined Timaru could turn out to be one of our favourite places. For the past couple of weeks we've been house sitting in a very beautiful, comfortable and warm home here in Timaru looking after these cuddly brothers, and we'll be here until mid September. Last year…


New blog? What’s wrong with the old one?

I've been a little distracted of late, well actually I've been distracted for a very long time. But this particular distraction is all about upgrading my blog registration, setting up my own domain name and the (hopefully) successful transfer of all my Wordpress stuff to my new server - www.whereverarewe.com.…

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