Holy flying church bells!

If you think little fluffy bunnies delivering Easter eggs is a bit far-fetched, then how do you feel about flying bells dropping chocolate treats to the kids in France? And why not, children love fantasy and this one's a pretty good tale. My journey of discovery started when I read that church bells…

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In Mohon, trying to live like a local
We'd be lost without our trusty maps

In Mohon, trying to live like a local

What does that expression really mean, "live like a local'? I know I've used it, maybe even overused it, and I've read lots of stories about the benefit to travelers to slow down and "live like a local". Our current house sit is for 2 months in a 350 year old barn, converted…


Isle of Wight (not pile of shite)

[STOP PRESS: Just found out that Isle of Wight was the place where the America's Cup yacht race originated. The America's Cup is one of the oldest and best-known trophies in international sailing yacht competition. It was  first offered as the "Hundred Guinea Cup" in 1851 by the Royal Yacht…

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