Containers of hope and prosperity

I think everyone should visit Christchurch to witness the greatness of human resilience, endurance and hope. One thing you can't help noticing around Christchurch is all the shipping containers. Containers have been used around damaged buildings like scaffold, It really is quite amazing to see, very ingenious. I've wondered who…


Broken city, healing lives

Christchurch is really stumping me and I'm finding it difficult to articulate my feelings about the place. What is it about a city that makes it magnificent, and then not? Everything I ever heard about the city of Christchurch was of beauty, elegance and order. "Oh, you must go to…


Moving right along….

I haven't updated this blog other than to wrap up our 2012 China trip a few months ago. Life's been busy and I have to say that I haven't felt compelled to write much during the past 2 years. I really love to read back on that fantastic trip so…

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