December 2012

Yangtze River. Finally, a dam in sight.

This was a highly anticipated part of our China adventure for Dave & Sam. When I first floated the concept to Dave about traveling to China, he said OK, as long as we could include a visit to the 3 Gorges Dam. Well, I had no idea of any dams…

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Yangtze River. When less is more.

A highlight of the Yangtze River cruise (for me) was our trip along the Shennong Stream, a narrow tributary of the Yangtze River – the Lesser 3 Gorges. From our cruise ship we boarded a small ferry boat which took us through amazing gorges. The scenery was a stark contrast…

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Yangtze River. Ghostly (ghastly?) encounters.

The Yangtze cruise included a side trip to Fengdu, known by the Chinese as the “Ghost City”. Modeled after Chinese Hell in the Taoist mythology and built over 1800 years ago, the place is now an island since the completion of the 3 Gorges Dam. We had to walk over…

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Chongqing. A river out there somewhere.

I really love train travel, and in China it was just as exciting and interesting as anywhere in the world. You really get to see the countryside without the frills. We all safely clambered aboard the Bullet train in Chengdu to make our way to Chongqing for our 3 day…

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Chengdu. Lost downtown

The cooking class at the backpackers’ was way over on the other side of Chengdu city from our hotel and not far from the “Jinli Ancient Street“.  Dave & I were keen to visit, and yes it is in fact an ancient street, dating back to the Qin Dynasty 221BC…

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